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From Chelsea FC:

Artist’s impressions of the stadium Chelsea FC would propose for the Battersea Power Station site have appeared in the online property press today. These images were jointly produced by Chelsea FC, our development partner Almacantar and architects Kohn Pedersen Fox.

It is important that our fans understand that Chelsea Football Club is not currently in discussions with the sellers of the site. The sellers have selected a Malaysian consortium as their preferred bidders, and we understand negotiations are continuing. We do not know if those negotiations will be successful or not.

As per our previous statement, and as these images show, we believe the prospect of developing a new stadium on the site could be very attractive for the club, and would have the potential to become one of the most iconic stadiums in the world, offering many benefits for Wandsworth, for London, and, of course, for Chelsea fans. We firmly believe our proposals could address the unique challenges presented by the site.

The design would integrate the stadium with the power station in a sensitive, unique and powerful way, with all significant historical aspects of the power station to be retained. In creating an iconic world-class stadium we would preserve the four chimneys and wash towers along with the historically significant west turbine hall and control room, all to be restored and retained in their original locations.

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